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Kudos Boofer, great post !!!

I own a 2006 X-45 with an L-18 engine. Last week I had to change my fuel pump the second time (same happened last summer during a storm ). Let's say, I am somehow experienced replacing the fuel pump.

Because my MC is out of warranty, I tried to find out if I can get this tiny fuel pump somewhere without replacing the whole kit (and being charged with 600 EUR, roughly 900 USD).

I was lucky, the MEAT & DORIA 76201 is exactly the fuel pump I needed, bought in a standard car parts shop in Salò (Lake Garda, Italy) for small money. Obviously this pump is standard in Fiat automobiles.

So what about this floating disk? Sounds like it is designed to only allow the pump to run if there is enough fuel to pick up?
This "floating disk" is a valve, holding back fuel in the plastic container, even if the fuel tank is almost empty.

My analysis: both pumps has been burned due to lack of cooling or bad manufacturing quality. I never ever ran my boat below 1/4 tank. This "floating disk" valve might be the key for all problems. If this valve is not floating properly, the container reservoir will not be filled properly with enough fuel, the pump run out of fuel and cooling.
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