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Originally Posted by Flamin'X-1 View Post
When you removed the hard tanks and replaced them with 750 fat sacs, did it have an overflow for it? I was told they didn't. I was wondering how that works.

The hard tanks have an intake hose on the stern side (back of boat) near the bottom of the tank and an overflow hose on the bow side (front of boat) near the top of the tank which leads to a through hull above the water line just under the rub rail. You can unbolt the hard tanks I think it was 4 or 6 screws and then undo the hoses and swap a bag its place. I would go with 750s but I doubt you will fill them all the way unless you have enough weight up front.

I had a couple 550s lying around when I did my ride so that is what I used. I fill them up and then I have the sack in the locker for another 330-350 and then a V drive sack in the walkway as far forward as it will go for another 400-425. Then I have some lead in the bow for about 50 pounds. When I have more than 2 people in the boat at least one has to ride in the bow or I have to add 100 lbs of weight to the front. Here is a link (MY BOAT) to my setup with pictures of the bags and their locations. With 3 people in the boat we end up with a little over knee high at 65-70 feet at 22.5 to 23.5. It tends to wash out at speeds below 22.5.

As for your wash over I imagine it is a function of weight distribution (side to side), speed and rope length. If you are riding the stock ballast alone you can probably get away with 20-21 mph with a rope length of about 60-65 ft. If you speed up to much and lengthen the rope you will be in the wash. If you slow down below 20 you will wash out most of the wake. Hope this helps.
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