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electrical issue persists: I was out this weekend with the engine running pretty good, tach issue gone. Mid day Sunday, I cranked it and the starter wouldn't stop turning. Pulled the battery cable. I had kept the replacement starter solenoid, so I took 15 minutes to replace the old one. I I wired everything up exactly as the wiring diagram above shows, and cleaned all the wire connection points and scrapped clean the block where the solenoid mounts. Engine cranked stronger and faster than it has in years. So the problem seemed fixed, but later that day, it did it again (starter kept running). I disconnected the battery, gave the starter solenoid a couple taps with a screw driver handle, all seemed fine. I know it is possible that I could have purchased 2 bad starter solenoids in a row, but that seems a bit suspect. I'm starting to wonder about the wiring. maybe an incorrect wiring issue is burning up the solenoids. is the "I" post supposed to be used? the above diagram only shows the "S" post in use. Jim, you mentioned the solenoid having a crank and coil wire. It makes sense to me that the crank wire would be the "S" post (starter) and the coil wire would be the "I" post (ignition). Since my Tach issue is resolved (I blame it on a bad starter solenoid), I'm now trying to figure out this new starter issue. I think it's either that my wiring is off, or I have another bad starter solenoid. The later seems less likely, even though it is possible. Does anyone have any insight on my wiring question, or just this issue in general?

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