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Befor I ever had a fuel pump problem I had ran my boat on empty many times to the point were I actually ran out of gas at least three times. I actually had to put a gallon in just to get to the gas station. I have a short trip from my marinia and were I ride with a gas station on the way, so when I read all this buisness about not running under a 1/4 tank I was curious as to why that is.
Then I seen that it only applied to the newer MC's. After closer inspection, I noticed the new MC's only have one line from the module to the motor and mine has two, supply and return. When my boat is below a quarter tank and I turn my key on the pump primes the lines and dumps back in to the canister. While running it, it continues to fill the canister above the tank fuel level, because the pump rate is faster then the fuel will excape from the bottom of the filter. If you have ever pulled your model you see that the fuel dosen't exit the canister to quickly. This keeps my canister full which submerges the pump in fuel to keep it cool. Since In the new MC's you don't have a return line, I would suspect that the pump will continue to pull only the fuel through the filter, in low fuel situations, leaving the pump exposed, without the fuel in the canister it has a less cooling property's surrounding the pump, hense over heating. NOt sure but something someone should look in to.
Maybe someone with the singal line setup can try and run their boat at a half tank and pull their regulator off the top of the module to see if the canister is full. On my boat I was at a 1/4 tank and the fuel almost overflowed out of the whole on top the module (were the regulator was).
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