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Great, job Boofer. I would have to say that a big part of the problem is the cheap plastic fuel line between the pump and module. This is very clear because, that seems to be the only thing they changed. WOW!!! That new line looks like a even bigger problem, waiting to happen, you would have thuaght they would have spent the extra money to do it right. When I replaced my hose I think it totaled approx. $3.00 bucks. Two hose clamps and about 8" of high preasure fuel line. I just made a small loop and connected it to fuel pump then regulator, and it has plenty of room to move with out kinking.

I would suggest anyone told they need a new module as I was. They should first look at replacing that line. My MC dealer said the pump runs but no preasure, pumps bad $450.00. Sound familiar? Actually, I would replace that line before it causes you problems. I have a $740.00 tow bill, because that stupid little hose.

After looking at the link to the GM fuel pump issue, it appears to me that the wireing harness is to blame not used on MC. If you close at the picture of the new GM module you will see a thick black fuel line in their module, HHHMMM very intersting.
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