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So, what is the problem with this design? I really do not know.

1. Gas flows through the filter fine. No poblems here.

2. I submerged the module with the small disk installed and it did take an inch or so of gas to "unplug" the hole (which leads to the pump). I would really like to know the purpose of this small disk. Problem? Possibly.

3. The kinked fuel line to the regulator. It was definitely kinked more than it should be. It would be creating a fairly significant restriction to the flow from the pump. Would this "back" pressure harm the pump? I do believe that it does.

4. The pump itself. I am almost certain that it is a poorly designed pump.

In my reading, it appears that this rotary vane style pump had too small of tolerances and prone to failure. Read this from Carter. I would really like to know if GM issued a recall regarding these pumps. If so, then I think that we should get the same recall.

I emailed MC and inquired about fuel pump failures. The first replay sent to me basically said that MC was not aware of any fuel pump problems. I replied with disagreement stating the unofficial poll I ran and the multitude of posts on their own website. Their reply stated that there was a design problem with the Carter pumps. It also said that they (MC) was working with 2 pump suppliers "to reduce the failure rates, and durability regarding low fuel situations." Apparently these 2 suppliers are Carter with their turbine style pumps and these Milinium pumps. I have asked if my new module contains one of the new pumps. I have not yet received a reply.

I am upset that MC is not being more proactive with this situation. And, apparently the situation has been around for many years. I opted for MC over the other boats because I was willing to dig for the cash to have the best. I would not trade my boat for anything. But, I feel somewhat let down. Instead of getting the engineers off of their butts, MC has done what they can to skirt the issue.

I am going to visit a Federated auto parts store hopefully this week. I went to 3 major auto parts stores and no one could get a cross referenced pump to replace the Carter one. The fellow I spoke to at Federated said he wanted to help me out. He has 18 years in the business and has had his own dealings with hard to find parts. As many of you might know, a call to Carter/Federal Mogul will get you nothing. MC has forbid them to give out any details/specs with regards to these fuel system modules.

Okay, for now my brain is fried. I got 2 nasal douches out on the water today and my eyes are starting to hurt from looking at this computer screen. Please feel free to chime in. I will update as soon as I get by Federated and if I hear anything else from MC.
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