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Originally Posted by turbosdad View Post
Great help for me!!!! I am picking up the same sacks tomorrow. Couple of questions, 1. what is the factory set time on the ballast pumps? Would that also be the same for the 08? Did you get the threaded ninetys from fly high? Where did you get the 1" hose? I was looking at a local marine store and they have a white 1" PVC pipe...any idea if that would work or should I get the black???

Thanks in advance
I know it always helps me when I see pics to follow as I usually don't know what I am doing most of the time.

I do not know the factory set time on the ballast pumps but I set mine for the full 6 minutes and will scale it back if needed. I do believe for 08 the pumps can be set for longer.... I am not positive on that however as it was a passing comment made by my dealer. I got all my supplies from my local MC dealer as I called ahead and ordered everything prior and they also stock most of it anyways. Not sure about the white PVC but I think it will work as I have seen one other post using it before. The main thing to look for is 1" bilge hose is what they call it. I do believe it comes in different colors.
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