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Driver Console Shaking/Flexing Violently

I purchased a '92 Prosport 205 4yrs ago. Shortly after purchasing it, the entire driver console (steering wheel + gauges + windshield) began shaking/flexing violently in any type of rough water (even a light chop).

I had to remove the center windshield because it was breaking the hinges constantly. The boat is used for 90% slalom skiing, and 10% recreation, but it's hit a point where the entire gauge cluster is falling out of the boat even when you simply come back around through the wake for a slalom run on a calm day.

I know the boat isn't ever going to be great on rough water, but I have been in several other similar boats recently, and it made me realize how extreme my issue has become.

Is there anything to check for in the basic structure of the boat that is fixable, or is the hull simply flexing too much with age? Would putting a tower on help, if the problem is in the fiberglass? Any assistance or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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