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Originally Posted by bdecker View Post
The L should appear in Tournament mode, I think you get there by pressing up and down at the same time (same as before). When calibrating Skip's boat, we did reset most of the baselines to get good times all the way through. It was a breeze to drive in a tournament once it was set up. I'll definitely be doing mine at some point...
the "L" didn't appear until after calibration was done, then the "N" popped right up...really drives and skis amazing, I would have never thought it would ski better...

now just need the "across yellow or white line" beeps like the Infinity does, when your driver goes out of the boat path!!!with GPS mapping, anything is possible...

another cool feature is the "time display" from GPS, great way to quickly check what time it is...

I'm still surprised to have to enter in crew weight, certainly essential when doing the calibration to get it right. I did it at a little over 1/2 tank.
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