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Originally Posted by JerryS View Post
Underneath the dash fiberglass?

Not sure I understand - and I don't recall much from the manual other than a pic I saw showing it where I put it ultimately. Our 08' TT has the pucks all lined up fwd of the windshield just behind the wraparound seats via velcro. 2 for the ZO and 1 for the SG. Both are the same Garmin antennae with different stickers.
Just a cleaner look placing the GPS under the dash, mounted directly to the fiberglass. Near the center corner there is a stiff wire that is wedged against the top surface, so I located the GPS there, so that is has some extra holding power with the adhesive velcro. Initially I put the unit on the dash to get a signal, then once the signal was strong I played with it a couple times while under by boat canopy. Never a lost signal. Turned it on/off and instantly it found the satellites. VERY COOL INDEED!!!
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