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Originally Posted by thijs View Post
That looks like an intra-aortic ballon pump. Not 100% on that though. I believe that the IABP doesn't extend so far into the left ventricle. Bigmac????
The Impella Recover LD/LP 5.0 Support System has been developed to address the need for ventricular support in patients who develop heart failure after heart surgery (called cardiogenic shock) and who have not responded to standard medical therapy. The system is designed to provide immediate support and restore hemodynamic stability for a period of up to 7 days. Used as a bridge to therapy, it allows time for developing a definitive treatment strategy.

The Impella Recover system is a miniaturized impeller pump located within a catheter. The device can provide support for the left side of the heart using either the Recover LD 5.0 (implanted via direct placement into the left ventricle) or the Recover LP 5.0 LV (placed percutaneously through the groin and positioned in the left ventricle). The microaxial pump of the Recover LP/LD 5.0 can pump up to 4.5 liters per minute at a speed of 33,000 rpm. The pump is located at the distal end of a 9 Fr catheter. At its largest outside diameter, which contains the pump housing, the Impella measures 21 Fr. The catheter shaft contains the electrical connections for the pump motor and sensor as well as for a separate tube used for transfer of purged fluid.
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