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Well, As you can see I live in an igloo and it rarely gets above freezing here, but in reality I do regularly deal with drops below freezing in the early spring and late fall. I have left my boat out on the marine railway in the fall when the temp. drops to -8C ( that's into the teens for the U.S. guys). My experience has been that unless it stays below freezing for several days in a row, without warming up in the day-time, you need not be concerned. But, like I say, I do drop the trouble light in the engine box on a rare occassion if I'm feeling skidish the nights that it gets really cold and I want a good night sleep. Right now it is dropping to
-3C at nights and I am not worrying about it. F--- it's cold up here this year!
P.S. glad someone finally made a comment about my name!
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