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Windshield Inventory Requests !!!

Windshields and more windshields ! Sometimes it seems that Bay Area WaterSports is the ONLY place that MasterCraft Owners can find older style windshields. In 5 years we have probably moved 20 or so. When we purchased this location a year and a 1/2 ago we purchased everything that was OLDER style around here. It has really been a good source for everyone. Today we made a handshake agreement to sell ALL of our older windshields 1996 and older.

What does this mean to you. The individual who is buying all of it is a very reputable company here locally. BAWS is setting up with him a SPECIAL code for MasterCraft Owners to purchase direct from his company. After the deal is concluded on Monday I will release the name and contact info so folks will be able to deal with them direct.

MasterCraft Owners will recieve a DISCOUNT if they use the CODE that we set up. That is GREAT for everyone involved. I will be able to pass on the info or you will be able to call or email direct your request. The OLDER frames and glass are to be duplicated so that owners have source for these wundshields since Taylor Made is not making them anymore. They will be able to customize your windshield and ship it to you! This is going to be great for all owners. Even the older type windshields are available 1980 and older. What do ya think about that?

It takes a TON of time to sort through the 100 side frames, windshields and assortment of stuff that we have. Then not make the sale after is said and done. We probably have some frames and glass wings that are the ONLY ones in existance. I had a gentleman in from Canada on Wednesday that purchased the LAST 1996 BF 200 front glass.

This is going to be an asset for all owners of older type MCs that need windshields that are no longer available

Look for more info probably on Monday

[email protected]

Monday has arrived and we are ALL in business with located here
locally in Odessa FL. It was a little know fact that MC has recommended them over the past few years
as a source for Older style windshields. When ordering or looking for pricing use this CODE "BAWSMC"

There website is
email is [email protected]
Contact is George Rietheimer (813) 926 3717

Now we ALL have a great sourse for OLDER glass for MasterCraft Boats

[email protected]
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