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Romo is having a great year, no doubt. But Terrell Owens blaming the loss on Jessica Simpson because she was sitting in a luxury box with a pink #9 shirt on??? C'mon.

I guess he was comparing it to the Carrie Underwood/ Eagles game last year where Romo ended up having an awful game.

T.O. said he has something to say to Jessica if they get to the playoffs.

He's got a big mouth for being shut down as much as he has this season. He's good, don't get me wrong... the guy can change a game. But talking about meeting up with the Patriots again in Arizona after getting shelled at home in the middle of October is one of the dumbest things he's said in recent memory. Disrespect for all teams in the league at that point.

Pony up. They have the tie-breaker vs. Green Bay and it seems like they are trying to find a way to play at Lambeau in January. I don't like their chances against Favre in the playoffs in Green Bay.
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