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Originally Posted by JohnE
You've got to be kidding me with these comments. For some reason I never read any of this thread until just now. Of course he has a library of tapes. From what I hear, he has one of the largest football libraries anywhere. But stop the cheatin whining. Until the first game of this year, everyone did it. And everyone admits they did it. Big name coaches. So he did it for part of the first quarter of the first game of the year and got caught. And is being penalized by the fine and losing a draft pick. And if you are attributing the success of one of the best coaches in history to the fact that he was stealing signs, then you are nuts.

I may be a little “nuts” then!

But calling him “one of the best coaches in history” is like calling Tyson GREAT! Sure they have accomplished some amazing things, but in doing so have strayed waaaaay outside the lines of, accepted behavior and sportsmanship!!

What’s next for Belichick. Instead of not shaking hands, he’ll come over to the opposing coaches sideline and bite his ear off???

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