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Well here is what I have come up with from the other forum.

I was told that it was probably a fuel pressure regulator. I was told it is a common problem for them to leak and flood the engine which causes a hard start when the engine is warm. It usually isn't a problem when the engine is cold since the fuel will have evaporated and thus not flood the engine. I'm hoping/thinking this is it since I have been getting a gasoline smell coming from the engine lately. I thought it was my fuel filter leaking that I just replaced, but every time I check it, it isn't leaking.

If it is what rcnjson suggested I am going to go through the roof. I have told my wife time and time again not to let the truck get below 1/4 tank at least 50 times, and I'll get in the truck and the "low fuel" light will be on.

Pressure regulator is around $50 or so and I can do myself. If it is the fuel pump.....I can do it myself, but I will be less than pleased about it.

MIMC, does this sound reasonable as to the problem?
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