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Let me start by saying Chevy's suck. Believe me, I know, especially after "marrying" into one (my wife's truck, she had it before we were married) and it is my job to maintain it. Why the general didn't go to the parts bin for fuel injection parts is beyond me. What you have here is GM's stoopid sequential fuel injection system that needs 60 PSI to start and the general, in their infinite wisdom, used a pump that can supply maybe 65 PSI on a good day. However, when the pump gets old, or you run it lower than a 1/4 tank of gas, or you run it out of gas it starts to wear out. You see, the pump needs fuel around it to cool it, especially when you are running it at basically full capacity all the time, so when you run it low the pump gets hot and starts to wear out and eventually, maybe you can run it out of gas twice, the pump will not be able to supply the 60 PSI required to start the truck. Then instead of putting an access hole in the truck, why not put it under the carpet, you have to drop the tank to get to the pump out. Let me tell you, after replacing 2 pumps (wife is not good at watching the gas gauge, she is really hot though so I let it slide) it would be only slightly more difficult to pull the body off the frame than it would be to drop the tank. There are so many vents and cheap plastic fittings coming in and out of that thing, it is nearly impossible to do without breaking one off, especially the first time. So my rant is over, but if the general had used a bosch style injector which will start great at 20 PSI less than their "outhouse engineered" crap you wouldn't have any problems for as long as you have the truck. Instead, unless you keep it full, you will be replacing pumps every other year. Don't believe me? Then why did the general switch to a bosch style injector for '02?
Camaro's suck too, they are really slow.
Corvette's... I like those.
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