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Originally Posted by captain planet
Hey P-hat, did you see that SICK catch Robiskie had Saturday night? He and Boeckman seem to be getting in a rythm.
Yeah...I saw it. What an amazing adjustment to the ball!

Honestly, I'd like to see Boeckman spread it around a bit more. He started to use his TE's this weekend. That's good. We need everyone involved for the rest of the schedule (aside from Kent St.?). I want multiple receiving weapons to handle a close game (this weekend at Purdue under the lights?). I dig the long ball and chemistry they have, but Gonzalez proved key many times last year too! Robiskie, Hartline, Small, Nicol, Saine, Wells (both) need to be consistant weapons for Boeckman and the OSU offense. Understand what I'm saying?

Wisconsin is kinda doing what OSU did in '02.

I'm not going to trash talk any UF loss this weekend. Fact is, they handed it to OSU last year and until it's settled on the field...they have honors. There have been projections of a BCS rematch this year b/w UF and OSU.
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