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My Boat is ***SOLD***

1993 MasterCraft Pro Star 205

It is a difficult decision, but I have decided to sell my 1993 MasterCraft Pro Star 205. I have been an extremely active member of this forum since purchasing this boat in February 2003. As a result of my yacking on for 18,000 posts and counting, there exists a virtual history of my ownership of this boat here for any interested buyers to review. It has been lovingly cared for with attention given to the smallest of details since I have owned it. No salt water use. Garaged and covered clean and dry when not in use. I will attempt to summarize its condition as well as refurbishments and upgrades it has received while I have owned it. Please contact me for price.


Gel Coat. The boats exterior is extremely good for its age. The gel coat still maintains a deep shine. There is no general oxidation present. Some scratches, present when I purchased the boat were professionally buffed/wet sanded out. There are also some minuscule nicks in the keel where it came into contact with an errant staple that I’d used to tack the boat buddy carpet in place while the glue set. I forgot to remove it and it contacted a small portion of the keel. I had my dealer wet sand this area, but there are still some visible nicks in the gel coat here that should not be expensive to have sprayed or repaired with a kit from Overton’s. These are covered up from the boat buddy and won’t be visible unless you swim around the front of the boat while it’s in the water. This is not glass damage. It is only cosmetic in the slightest sense and something I have not gotten around to repairing. I mention it so that there be no surprises. If any scratches or abrasions other than these are present, I have not seen them (and I tend to notice and address that sort of thing). It being a fourteen year old boat that has seen use, a scratch or two is par for the course, but something I look for and want to make known if I know about it.

Decals. The decals show very slight wear from age. The 25th Anniversary windshield decals were replaced with OEM decals in 2005 because the originals had faded (very common).

Rub Rail. The rub rail is in great condition. There are no noticeable cracks, chips, or missing pieces. It is the original rub rail.

Teak Platform. The original teak platform is in great shape. It was oiled regularly and has a teak transom saver, which was added in 2005. Two coats of teak oil have been added to prepare for sale.


Vinyl. The vinyl is in very good condition for its age. It is regularly cleaned and treated with 303 aerospace protectant and/or Lexol vinylex. The observer seat bottom cushion was replaced in 2003 with an OEM skin ordered from MasterCraft. The driver’s seat base was also replaced in 2003 by a local shop with matching marine vinyl. The remaining skins are in good condition, but there are some small nicks in a few spots. Notably, there is a small nick in one of the walkthrough panels that is not visible when the jump seat is installed. There are also nicks on the inside of the combing pads (storage side) a two very small nicks in the motorbox skin. There are also a few small nicks in the port side bow seat back. These imperfections were there when I bought the boat in 2003, are very minor, and have been sealed so that they will not worsen. None of the current vinyl imperfections has gotten to the point where I felt a compelling need to replace it (and I tend to be pretty particular about this sort of thing).

However, in 2005, I ordered new OEM replacement skins from MasterCraft matched to the original factory accent colors for the following pieces: motorbox, observer seat back, driver's seat base, both combing pads/armrests and both bow seat backs. These skins are no longer available from MC and were fairly expensive even when they were readily available. The buyer will have the option of buying any or all of these skins after we agree on a price for the boat. Apart from the option to buy, these skins are a separate deal.

Carpet. The original carpet is in great condition. There are no stains and it has been hand scrubbed annually at the beginning of each season since I have owned it.

Misc. The remainder of the interior, i.e., the dash, seat bases, and glove compartment are in great condition. They were in great condition when I purchased the boat and have been well maintained on my watch. I replaced the motorbox insulation in 2005 as the old foam was becoming detached. The gas shocks that support the motorbox were replaced in 2007. The gas shock that supports the observer seat base was replaced in 2004.


The original Ford 351 HO engine with 633 hours on it (as of 08-07-2007) remains reliable and strong. The heads are cast iron GT-40s. The unreliable (in my experience) Holley 4010 carburetor has been replaced with the reliable Holley 4160 (new in 2004). Since that time, only stabilized fuel has been allowed to sit in this carburetor. That is, whatever remained in the tank on the last run of the day either had previously been or was, at that time, stabilized. The boat was started and run on a hose once per month during winter lay up, then redrained. I averaged between 25 and 40 hours per year on the boat. The fuel filters were changed annually (in the Spring). The oil and filter was also changed annually (at winterization). This boat has the Borg Warner Velvet Drive 1:1 transmission. The transmission fluid was changed annually (at winterization) as was the impeller (in the Spring). When the boat was not in use, the motorbox was always propped up to let air circulate underneath it when not in use to help reduce condensation. Nonetheless, there is some minor surface rust on the engine. This is not uncommon though, especially on the exhaust manifolds. I have asked marine mechanics if anything needed to be done about this, and have consistently been told to leave it alone as it is only cosmetic. New riser gaskets and intake gaskets in 2005. In 2005, I added an Edelbrock “performer” intake manifold, which boosted horsepower to approximately 300 hp. More noticeable from this upgrade was the low to mid range torque increase. With the CNC’d acme prop #541 (added in 2004) and GT-40 heads (stock), the boat has a hole shot best described by my wife on our first outing following the upgrade as “Wow!” She’s not one that typically notices such things. From that point on, I felt no need to make adjustments to the engine for the sake of power. I also added a new marine Battery in 2004. The throttle cable was replaced in 2005. The water pump belt was replaced in the last year or two. Newer style fuel sending unit installed in 2004. A low profile flame arrester to compliment the new intake manifold was also added in 2005. Original OJ 13x13 prop is included in sale. 7x14 Tournament mirror also included.


The factory single axle trailer underwent a refurbishment in 2004. Both bunks were replaced and recarpeted. All attachment hardware was replaced with new stainless steel carriage bolts, washers, and nylock nuts. There are two layers of carpet on the top bunks, which makes for more gentle loading. The boat buddy shroud was replaced and carpeted in 2007. The carpet helps to avoid the rubber from the boat buddy marring the hull. The winch strap and hook was replaced in 2004. The angle iron bunk supports were ground down and repainted. They were reinforced (they are now full T-supports as opposed to half T-supports. The reinforcements can be drilled and used as additional attachment points if need be. Rust spots on the trailer were ground, primed and painted. Some minor surface rust is still visible, but does not affect the integrity of the trailer. The stock prop guard was flimsy and was replaced with a ½" solid steel piece. Stainless steel marine rollers were welded to the frame with custom brackets to prevent the trailer from dragging. New Goodyear Marathon tires were installed in 2004. I estimate they have fewer than 5,000 miles on them. A spare tire is included. The master cylinder was replaced in 2006. The wheel cylinders were replaced in 2004. The wheel bearings were regularly lubricated. The original brake lines were sheathed in a rubber piece and thus, on this year trailer, rusted brake lines is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Therefore, the brake lines were replaced with stainless steel lines in 2004. The drums were inspected in 2006 and are in good condition. The fenders are in good condition, but have some minor surface cracks. This is a common occurrence caused by their outer portions being used as a step. This should not be a difficult thing to address, but I have never bothered as they are structurally sound. Some of the nonskid pieces on the fenders have been replaced with nonskid lettering from MasterCraft. They are all in very good condition. In 2005, I had a custom fabricated 2" lift kit installed to make drag wheel contact with my driveway a little less frequent. The axle was aligned and the pins were welded in place so that on the off chance it is dropped off the back of a launch ramp, everything will stay in place. The trailer rides the same and any difference in launch depth was not noticeable to me. I also have a new emergency brake cable that has not yet been installed.


Factory Bimini Top. I purchased this factory Bimini top new in 2003. It is white sunbrella and installs easily with thumbscrews to the windshield frame. I have installed jaw slides to the rub rails and shortened the straps to get them out of the line of the towrope while skiing. It is in excellent condition.

Factory Mooring Cover. This is the original grey sunbrella cover with the MasterCraft logo on it. I had a local upholstery shop make a few repairs to it. It still has a spot or two that could stand to be repaired, i.e., small tear near one of the rear straps, but is perfectly functional—that is, I’m not aware of any holes in the topside apart from the one just mentioned. It has always been fine for my purposes, i.e., usually just keeping dust off the boat when it is in the garage. It was recently treated with 303 Fabric Guard to renew water resistance and UV protection.

Perfect Pass Digital Pro/Wakeboard Pro 6.5 ng. This boat comes with the most recent edition of Perfect Pass installed. I upgraded to the new, wide display and software in late 2005. As mentioned below, neither the smart timer nor hand timer is included with the sale of this boat. Both are, however, available individually through Perfect Pass and other online retailers.

Stereo. The boat has an upgraded JVC 200 watt cd player that also plays MP3s and WMAs. It has an IR key chain remote and a detachable face with carrying case. There is a stereo 1/8" input on the front of the tuner that can be used to connect a portable mp3 player or iPod. The tuner is in a water proof housing in the dash. I replaced the original speakers with Infinity coaxial speakers. This set up won’t deliver fish-killing base, but sounds very good and very clean.

Observer Jump Seat. This is a very rare OEM option to find. I searched for years to find one used as MC didn’t offer an exact replacement and what they did have was generic and retailed for almost $700. In 2005, I built my own using OEM vinyl, which is no longer available. I believe mine is far more functional than the OEM seat. The base is hinged and has nonskid underneath so people won’t step on your vinyl to get to the bow. There is a small carpeted step bow side. The seat back is also hinged and has storage underneath. There are also two cup holders in the seat back, which is very convenient as this era of 205's only driver accessible cup holder is on the front of the motorbox. This jump seat is one of a kind and was featured in a two page writeup of the April 2006 issue of Water Ski Magazine.

OEM Sundeck. I’ve never seen another 205 of this era that had an OEM sundeck. This sundeck was given to me by a friend who owned a 1993 Stars & Stripes 190, hence the red piping around the edges. There are a few worn spots on the side, which should not be noticeable when it is installed. It is otherwise in excellent condition. I have the original mounting hardware for this piece as well.

Sea Strainer. I installed this option in 2005. Great at keeping lake trash out of the engine. It ought to be standard equipment in my opinion. The filter can be removed and cleaned as needed.

Custom Walk through Wind Screen. New in 2004. It’s made of sunbrella and is great for keeping the cold air off you during the not so warm months.

In the five years I have owned the boat, it has appeared in two magazine articles. The first was in MasterCraft’s “Star Magazine,” in a which contained a write up about me and the Team Talk forum. Additionally, several pictures of the boat’s interior are featured in the previously mentioned Water Ski Magazine article about my fabrication of the custom observer jump seat.

Not Included
There are at least two items that may be pictured which are not included. The Perfect Pass smart timer and hand timer are not included. The Cipa Extreme three paneled mirror is not included. The replacement skins, as mentioned above are not included, but may be purchased by the buyer in a separate transaction. Apart from the fire extinguisher, no general boat or water sports gear such as skis, bumpers or other misc. items are included unless specifically mentioned here. If you are unsure if something is included, please ask.

It is my desire that the next owner of this boat not have any surprises. I have attempted to describe this boat as fully as possible. As previously stated, it runs strong and looks great. Apart from the few things mentioned above, there is one matter that bears mentioning. Following the upgrade to the Edelbrock intake manifold, we noticed that the engine rpms would fall slightly if the boat was held at a certain rpm (around 2,175 rpms) for a period of time. I have discussed this with my local dealer and our initial thought was that this may be a flat spot in the torque curve. This only occurs when we have been cruising at a very specific power setting. Upon acceleration to ski speeds, there isn’t an ounce of hesitation from this motor. For us, it’s been little more than a curiosity that we fool with when it’s too rough to ski. That said, I want it to be something the new owner knows about before he agrees to purchase the boat.

Maintenance and Records.
I have done my best to save all receipts and records related to my upkeep and care of this boat (which means I have almost all of it since 2003). With the exception of 2003, I have performed all winterizations and dewinterizations, and annual maintenance of this boat (my local dealer did it for me in 2003). I have chronicled this maintenance in the back of my owner’s manual, which is provided for your review in the download mentioned above. All things apart from basic maintenance (including upgrades) was performed by professionals.

Title is free and clear. This boat is paid in full.

I’ve attempted to describe my boat to the best of my abilities. Hopefully this detailed description imparts how much attention and care I’ve given this boat while I’ve owned her. That said, the above description of the boat and its condition my subjective opinion only. Please inspect the pictures carefully. Furthermore, nothing can match a personal inspection for knowing what you’ll be buying. I would welcome any prospective buyers to come take a closer look at this boat before agreeing to buy it. Please email me with any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them. I also welcome phone calls (please email me and I’ll send you my number). I love to talk about this boat. Furthermore, I would welcome the opportunity to take any serious buyers out for a test drive so that you can put the boat through its paces. Thanks for looking!

More Pictures Here.

Note: Some of these pictures were taken more recently than others. If they show something that is not as shiny and new as when they were taken, I will note it (are will try to remember to do so). The engine picture was taken just before I posted this.

I have attached as a .pdf information pertaining to this sales transaction. If you decide you are interested in buying my boat, please review the attachment carefully.
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Red 1998 Ski Nautique, PCM GT40, 310 hp, , Acme 4 blade, Perfect Pass SG/Zbox.


Be kind. Have fun.

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