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actually I do have a few autographs. for real!

I have a guitar autographed by Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Randy Castillo, and whoever played guitar for him during the mid 90's non Zakk years. I bought the guitar from a friend that met them backstage and had his guitar signed. the autographs arent a big deal for me. they will eventually rub off, and its no big deal. I bought it for what it was, not for who signed it.

My Mesa Boogie Road King was signed by Randall Smith (founder & owner, of Mesa Boogie and still head R & D guy) on the chassis. I had the first thermal problem with it, and he personally got involved in the diagnosis & repair, and he installed a cooling fan on it to solve the thermal problems. it was a new model, and I was the first amp to have a cooling fan on it(they later changed production & all were built like my amp), and he signed it "special for Don, by Randall Smith"

I also have Bob Hoover's autograph (pilot) Met him when I was a child with my dad a few times at air shows. heckuva nice guy!

I met George Carlin and never asked for his autograph, but I made him laugh! that was a memory I will never forget! way better than an autograph.

Ticket for George Carlin concert: $30
Hotel Room : $100
gas : $25
food : $50

Making one of the greatest comedians in history laugh: priceless
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