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Originally Posted by shepherd
Doing most of the work myself, except sandblasting and painting, it cost me a total of about $1200. A new trailer probably would have cost twice that, or more. I lost track of exact cost after my 20th trip to the hardware store to get another bolt/washer/screw...

Slink (and anybody else), if you want the skier guy decal files, pm your email address to me.

I got the winch at West Marine. Edit: It's a Fulton XLT1401 winch.
Man can I relate to the 20 trips to the hardware and losing track of what it really costs. Seems like you remember the major costs, prep, paint, fender repair, wheels and tires, but all the other incidentals add up....
You know I really didn't is a fun project and the results are truly a sense of accomplishment and joy, restoring something you really love...
One last thing .... I got the same winch also. My 79 had the original chain and turnbuckle hold down, no winch at all, bought mine for 65 bucks at a triler place in Indy. Still trying to figure out hte little slot in the front though
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