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Originally Posted by andrewtimko
I recently bought a set of Zinc sacrificial annodes for my 1994 Prostar 190. The set included:

1 Shaft Annode
7 round & flat annodes, that are to be sandwiched over metal.

My question is where and how to install them. I assume the will get installed on.

1,2: Swim Platform Supports
3: Rudder
4: 5, 6, Tracking Fins
7: ???, Strut?

A. How high on the shaft would you strap on the shaft annode?

B. I assume I have to drill the other equipment to hold the other annodes? Any suggestions on where? Just bore a hole through the tracking fins? Sounds kind of scary.


Do you use the boat in saltwater only? Saltwater is more problematic than fresh water when it comes to using zinc anodes as a sacrificial metal. If fresh water only, zinc anodes are not normally required because the scarificed metal on the prop and rudder is not that noticeable as compared to saltwater.
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