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In the early-to-mid 90s I was working on the construction and startup of a greenfield papermill in Arizona. Between Engineers, CM, and subcontractors we had several John's and this got confusing on the radios. We had a biker/engineer that everyone new as JohnnyRay, a pipe fitter forman JohnnyBro, a mechanical contractor manager JohnnyFievel, Electrical forman John Carlo. So when I showed up as a young wet-behind-the-ears engineer with a difficult to pronounce last name, my instant radio nickname was JohnnyB (John Boettcher is my real name). I have been involved with several other engineer and construct projects since then in South Carolina, Quebec, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Arkansas...others I'm forgetting....and the name stuck with me wherever I went. I am now in management in our Wisconsin operations and still cross paths with many old friends from my traveling days....and am still refferred to quite often as JohnnyB
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