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Originally Posted by Maristar210
In any case unranked Indiana hung with OSU this year so save your "were the best ever" comments cause...
I can't believe the Indiana game is even being used as an example. That was a 44-3 drubbing of Indiana. If my half-drunk mind (at the time...I was at the game) serves me correct, Indiana got their 3 points on the very first drive of the game. After that they did move the ball (as most teams have been able to do against us this year) but failed to put any more points on the board (as has been the case most of the year), while OSU's offense continued to put #'s (rushing/passing/scoring).

Now...if you want to talk the Illinois game...that's another story. We got our arses handed to us in the second half.

Originally Posted by captain planet
Look, we're all going to argue over this stuff every year...
Yep. The reality is that OSU has done everything they needed to do to be #1 and get into the Championship the eyes of Buckeyes fans as well as coaches and other voting sources. Argue all you want who should be #2, but OSU will be #1 this year until someone proves it otherwise (on the field).

Now...don't we have something fun to discuss about 01.08.07?
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