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Originally Posted by Maristar210

In any case unranked Indiana hung with OSU this year so save your "were the best ever" comments cause, OSU you are not even close. you are three points and one personal foul call from sitting on the sidelines at the Rose Bowl. Man how easy the buck fans forget.....
Uh, yea but you were two stupid bad snaps (which were fumbles) away from getting beat by 17 points. The game is over, I think you are just a little sour that USC got beat and your not getting your second shot at OSU.

Look, we're all going to argue over this stuff every year until they get their heads our of thier collective arses and put in an 8 team playoff for the national championship. The system is what it is and it sucks, look at Auburn a few years ago. Just chalk up 2006 as another year the BCS screwed up again.
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