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So this panda is tired of hanging around the zoo and decides one night, when his cage is accidently left open, that he's going to do what people do.

Being after dark, he's heads to the bar for some good 'ol fashion binge drinkin'

So this panda bear is sitting at the bar drinking some beers and is approached by a fine lady who asks him if he wants to go home with her.

So the panda bear obliges and goes back to this gal's place for a night of wild sex.

In the morning he gets up to leave to get back to the zoo, and she says

"You can't leave you have to pay me"

Panda bear says "why would I pay you"

Girl says "I'm a prostitute"

Panda bear says "yeah and I'm a Panda bear"

Girl says "you don't understand".....grabbing a dictionary, she shows the Panda the definition of prostitute: Person who has sex in exchange for money

Quickly thinking, the Panda Bear opens the dictionary to Panda and says "see, Panda Bear : Animal that eats bush and leaves"

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