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Originally Posted by captain planet
Wow guys, that cuts deep. I told you I was a reasonable guy and a good sports fan, I just get a little crazy the week before "the game". I actually find it impressive that two michigan fans see this possible bowl match-up the way that I do. I'm with you guys, who wants to see michigan and nd again? What a waste. It makes me not very excited about the up and coming bowl season, especially the big bowl games (except OSU of course ).
Love ya CP ... except for about 7 days every year!!!!

I am stuck in the O'Hara airport for the past 7 hours. I just saw a couple all decked out in ND gear. I asked them what their thoughts are about them deserving a BCS bid. They responded by saying ND just had 2 off days and ND is the best team in the country. Barf #1 They then went on to say that their schedule was very difficult as all their games are rivelry (sp?) games? Barf #2 (wish UM had the marines every year as a game ... oh wait, meant Navy.) They then went on to say that ND was being $crewed because they may not get a rematch in the Rose bowl. Barf #3

What makes ND fans even MORE dillusional than the rest of us? Must be the given right thing. ND gets in a conference and they get exposed for what they really are ... a team that only plays 1-2 tough games every year and are not all that good.

Sorry for the rant ... I am just bored in the airport with nothing else to do. Anyone got any new picture of the 214?
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