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Originally Posted by BIGBADBLUE
M210 - This is like twice in the past couple days that you are agreeing with CP. This is a bad precident. The sad part is that he is kinda making sense to me also. CP must becoming more intellegent and drifting away from his OSU roots. No way a OSU fan says 2 intellegent things in a week. It is just no possible!!!

I will be upset if UM plays ND. That is totally lame. I would like to see either Florida or LSU.
Wow guys, that cuts deep. I told you I was a reasonable guy and a good sports fan, I just get a little crazy the week before "the game". I actually find it impressive that two michigan fans see this possible bowl match-up the way that I do. I'm with you guys, who wants to see michigan and nd again? What a waste. It makes me not very excited about the up and coming bowl season, especially the big bowl games (except OSU of course ).
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