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All right, I for one am not going to let the Big 10 rule this thread! It ain't over til the fat lady sings (but I must admit she warming up). I know Maristar an BBB want a rematch, but I'm sorry you had your chance. Plus the BSC has a rule that you must win your conference in order to play in the National Championship Game.

I would rather see Florida (imagine that) Arkansas, USC or Notre Dame get a shot at OSU. In ordrer for the Gators to get a chance they need to win convincingly over FSU and Arkansas plus they need USC to loose at least on game.

Again, still a lot of football left to be played. Michigan can only sit back and watch the drama unfold as their season is over. If USC wins out they will leap frog Michigan for the #2 spot. The Gators can get there if the win out and have help.

The next two weeks will be interesting to say the least. I only have one thing left to say GO GATORS!!!

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