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Originally Posted by captain planet
Interesting story. Four of my friends met out last night at the Winking Lizard in Canton to discuss the menu for Saturday. And in walks one guy wearing a "m" hat. Nobody really says ANYTHING to him, then he proceeds to go and play "hail to the vicker" on the music player they have at the restaurant. Now, NOBODY was saying really anything to him until that point. So about 6 or 7 BUCKEYES fans go over and play the OSU fight song, hand on sloopy, and (my favorite) we don't give a damn about the whole state of michigan about 4 times each. The place starts going nuts. People yelling O-H, I-O back and forth, singing hang on sloopy, and yelling ann arbor is a whore.
Was this guy on a SUICIDE MISSION??? But I have to ask CP why did it take 6 to 7 people to commandeer the jukebox? Was this guy that BIG?? Or were you just intimidated my a Michigan fan that's brave enough to walk-in to your bar and play "Hail to the Victor"?

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