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Originally Posted by LakePirate
Interesting that you say that. We took a friend of ours from Bristol who has worked the race for years as a cooler checker / ticket taker to Talladega. He has only been to Bristol and is not really a big fan. We wanted to show him a different type of Racin. He loved it. When they came out of 4 though the Tri-Oval he almost had a heart attack. He was turned around in the seat of the car to talk about it all the way home. Not that Bristol is not exciting, but nothing beats
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#01, wow. Rick Hendrick really said that? Holy Cow.

JJ has to lead. He can't just ride.

"The Big Picture" being the Championship for Jimmie Johnson, "Victory Lane" and "Wrecking or Getting Wrecked" are little pictures and the BOSS [Rick Hendrick] got the wrong picture of the three, since Vickers is leaving for Toyota, not in the Chase and it was a win for Vickers under a cloud of controversy. Even with that said Rick Hendrick was more pleased with the win by Vickers than Jimmie Johnsons lack of points gained.
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