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Originally Posted by RexDog1
I am not a big Nascar fan
Living down the street from John Force it is hard not to watch drag racing.
I am a race fan, and watched some of the race on Sunday about the last 50 laps
It was a good race, but I have some questions? How often does NASCAR change
The size of the Restrictor Plates?, I have built about 2 dozen engines in my life
So I think I know my way around a V8, I would think a last minute change would be
A big thing?
I do need to say, I see why JR. has the fan base that he has, he just got crashed out of a 3Hr+ race, when he was in first, he pulls off his helmet and a TV mike is in his face, and said “it was a racing deal” and congrats to Bryan who crashed him out??? ….Class act
I can see why NASCAR is so big it is good racing, I just don’t have 3+hrs to watch
I will keep an eye on the rest of the season; I think I am starting to hate the 48 car
He looks like a Yeti???
Oh one more question Toyota in NASCAR next year, what engine are that going to use? I thought it must be a “stock engine” well the block to start, do they have a
Push rod engine in their street cars/trucks?

Good to hear you're watching even though you're not a fan... The whole Jr. attitude is a good change from two years ago, and even a lot of last year. he has grown up a lot. Even though I have been a big 8 fan since he started his career he has had to get his head unstuck... But he is becoming a class act. As far as Restrictor plates are concered. they are only run at two tracks and four races during the year: Daytona and Talledega, there are rumors that Atlanta is going that way too. That is the most exciting racing you will see outside of Bristol..
As far as Yotastoy go, I have no idea what kind of engine they will run. I fear they will be a force to be reconed with in the beginning of the year because NASCAR will not have a solid way to hold them back as they do the other manufacturers.. (level playing field may be unlevel for a bit)
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