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Originally Posted by Powerslot82
....As far as gas vs. diesel. Before the gas and fuel prices went crazy, I had it figured that it would take about 100,000 miles for the diesel to pay for itself in fuel savings. My guess is that is closer to 130,000 miles now......
Did you figure in the MUCH higher oil change prices? I'm not sure about the 2004 models, but my 99 Powerstroke used 15 quarts of oil that still needed to be changed at 5,000 miles. To pay to change your oil, you're looking at $50.00 per change (I'm not making this number up - that's the cheapest I could find) compared to $15.00 for a typical gas v8.

Granted that cost difference greatly decreases if you do you own oil changes, but most people don't. I figured it would take 300,000 miles to pay for the diesel, which was an additional $4,000 option in '99.

I also found that in the warmer months, diesel was 10 cents a gallon cheaper than 87 octane, but 10 cents higher than 93 octane in the colder months.

The replacement to that truck for me, was a Gas truck. Much easier to work on and costs less to run than my PowerStroke.
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