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Before I got the boat I cut some 1x2's, made a small frame and walked the process many times to be sure it would work. The first time, um, when I couldn't get it out we tried it by hand and that boat picked up speed so fast it wsa crazy. Then we could not push it back up. That was an interesting day.

Options I've seriously looked into.
-Lawn tractor - one strong enough won't fit with the boat in there.
-Electric trailer dolley, $1000, and I don't have electric brakes.
-Bolt a block and tackle to the floor - take an hour to pull in/let out.
-Bolting a winch to the floor - don't own the place concrete floor is thin
-Front mounted hitch, none for 4Runner, ugly options from local machinst - U turns in the alley are as much of a pain.
-Buy a Suzuki Samuri to cart the boat in and out - I'd have to insure the dumb thing.

-MOVE - We have a winner!

A pain? Yes. Worth every second of trouble? Yes!
This is how bad I want to ski every week.
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