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Why selling it

Do I want to sell it, no.
But we had a Bayliner runabout and a Stars and Stripes and they had a baby called a Maristar 200vrs.
We sold the Bayliner last week. If I can't get decent money I will keep it, but paying for two insurance policys and everything else. The reason for the Maristar was so the whole family could go, and with a capcaity of 11, vs 7 and 5 for the other two boats it made sense to sell the other two. First boat I ever rode in the late 70's was a 1976 S&S white with green and I have always wanted one and I finally got one. So that part of me is having trouble selling. Especially last night when I took those pics and the boat started right up, accelarated better than the Maristar and turned on a dime.
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