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My 4160 blew chunks at the lake this weekend. Secondary bowl fuel valve was hanging and pumped so much gas into the secondaries it was flowing down the back of the engine due to the ramp angle. Rebuilt w/ in 50 hours ago. Just a little pucker factor!!!

Larry at:

is a nationally recognized marine high perfoemance engine builder. Bussy had his engine built there. Larry told him to expect an annual Holly rebuild due to the poor fuel quality in the Southwest and the newer additives being very carb unfriendly. FI systems are not damaged like carbs by these newer additives.

Found a kit and had the boat running perfectly in 20 min.

I will FI my HO 454 powered 1990 240sc someday! With lots of good carb info.

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Originally Posted by east tx skier
I think the Edelbrock MPI kit is over $1K. When I mentioned this to my local ski boat mechanic, the answer I got, and the answer I hear most often, is that it just isn't worth it and if you want a fuel injected boat, sell yours and buy a fuel injected boat. Like Dan, I'm not mechanical. But this has been the consensus from the people I trust most on the subject.

If you're looking to spend $500, spend it on a Holley 4160 single feed marine carb. Greatly improved reliability over the 4010 you have on there now IMO.

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