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I have a 1990 version in open bow. The rudder showed the exact cavitation burn. The first thing you need to do is pitch that oem prop. It's a really small SS four blade that requires a brass hub adapter. If you lose that hub adapter...your toast. I heard you can't buy it anymore. I bought the boat with 165hrs on it and replaced the rudder and prop within 200hrs. Running a different prop for over 360 hours (560 total on the boat) I have some cavitation burn, but nothing like I was getting with the OEM prop.

I have two other props that I run.
The first is an OJ Force 4 13x14 four blade. I had OJ add additional cup to bring my RPM's down. The boat handles great and gets great hole shot. I foot a lot and the table is nice and soft with that prop. I have no problem deep water starting 4 footers (lots of banging obviously). It still rev's around 5300, higher than I'd like to see. Con - not a great big lake cruising prop. I have to run it pretty hard to cruise at a reasonable speed. That causes the 454 to eat lots of gas.

I just bought an ACME 431 13x13. I spent a week on Table Rock Lake in MO running this prop. It's silky smooth. Hole shot doesn't feel quite as strong (nothing scientific so it may actually be the same), but I don't have to run it as hard to cruise. I burned alot less gas with this prop. I think I have more top end, but I didn't use GPS to compare. I can still over rev it in the 5300 range. One additional benefit, it seemed to handle rough water better. I think to boat has a tendancy to ride higher in the water which might aid in the rough water ride. A con is it seemed to slightly porpoise with a heavy towing load (84" multi rider tube) when below slalom speeds with this prop. It may have just been some rollers, not 100% sure it was an actual porpoise.

All that being said, I'm keeping the ACME and it will be my lake prop. I mostly ski in a shallow river and don't go great distances so I use the OJ on the river. The down side to both props are they are Nibral. The river I ski in is extremely shallow. Never any large boulder strikes, but sand and gravel skims do occur. The Nibral just doesn't hold up to minor taps. I'm looking for a SS prop for the river since getting the OJ tuned up 1-2 times per summer is getting expensive. Anybody have any experience with the SS cutter?
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