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Originally Posted by east tx skier
Sorry, forgot to mention that my Ford has the 5.4L V8. Tows like its not there.
What year is your Ford??? I heard that the new ones aren't all that great due to the almost 6000 lb wt of the truck. They did a test in Road and Track, I think, and the Ford was the worst in towing due to the amount of vehicle wt. That new Nissan Titan was the King of the Hill, but I can't get used to the looks of the crew cab. It even had the most interior and back seat room of the 5 trucks tested. I will agree though.......the Ford is one fine looking truck and I love the interior , especially with the center console. The new Harley Davidson model is going to offer an all-wheel drive system, but no crew cab. I wish the manufactures would let us option the trucks the way we want.
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