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We still have a 94 150hp 4Runner and can totally relate to the lack of power. It's for sale now. It too had the engine replaced after the head gasket failed. It blew on my wife (when she was single) at 2:00am in the middle of no-where-southern-Utah on a ski trip. The clutch just started showing hints of slipping. I just didn't want to have it go out on the ramp pulling the boat out.

I know a guy at TRD and might get this super charged. We'll see. This is the LandCruiser engine but with VVTi and more power, so relatively potent I surely don't need it... but I didn't need a boat either...

We came really close to getting a Suburban or Tahoe, but we had a hard enough time getting the boat in and out of our alley. This fits us until we have more kids. Number two is on her way already.
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