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Thumbs up WOW! 270hp!

Originally Posted by Ryan
I love seeing the Discos on the board. I just picked this up last week. Full-time 4x4, 4.7 270hp 330lb-ft! It's like it has short-man's syndrome for wanting to be bigger than it is. But, being small gives it sub 8 sec 0-60 and 7,000lb tow rating. ..
I cant believe those things have V8's in 'em now. I had a '92 with a 3.0 V6. It was a total dog and the engine blew up when the head gasket failed. It was covered by a recall, but what a mess. I found fan shroud plastic chips from the thing in wheel wells and crevices 3 years after that. I had a FJ80 LandCruiser too that really would have benefitted from that 4.7L engine. It could crawl over a house in low 4 but couldn't pull over 65 mph to save it's life. I kinda wish I would have kept it and swapped the POS inline 6 for a 350 and a New Venture 4500 Trans. That thing was a Japanese Hummer.
Toyota makes a great truck, I really wanted one of their 2000/2001 V6 4Runners to put a TRD supercharger on it, but with the added cost of it, and having to run premium gas with the blower= just not worth it. Seems they got the problem licked thowing that V8 in there. "There's no replacement for displacement", but try to tell that to all the Honda Civic race kids! Just hope they upped the seating room in it for the 6' 2" American race. They always felt small in adjustability for big guys, that and you'll need a set of little Japanese size hands if you ever plan to change the spark plugs or do any other maintanance yourself. Good luck, nice vehicle!
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