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Wife's out of town - I cooked a frozen pizza on the BGE just for the experimental heck of it. It actually turned out very well.

I started with a Tombstone pepperoni, added some onions, peppers, cheese (romano) and a lot more pepperoni. I heated the grill up to 450 F. with the plate-setter legs down, grill on top of that followed by a Pampered Chef pizza stone. I preheated the pizza stone for about 10 minutes with the grill at 450, threw some corn meal on the stone (keeps it from sticking, I'm told) then put the pizza on. The crust came out perfect, the toppings were nicely browned, and it had a nice, subtle brick-oven taste.

I'm not normally a Tombstone fan - it was an impulse purchase when I got gas at the convenience store. Just wanted to make that clear...

edit: I'm told that one has to be careful about what pizza stone to buy. Reportedly, the Pampered Chef stones crack in the BGE almost universally. Mine didn't this time, but I did order the BGE 14" pizza stone for the future.
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