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Originally Posted by BriEOD

Apparently I need some accessories to go with the grill. What do you guys recommend. Obviously I need the plate setter. Do I need a drip pan, etc. What do you guys think.

I just get those aluminum foil disposable pans at the grocery store..

Key accessories IMHO - plate setter, Grill Gripper, digital meat thermometer, V-rack, vertical roaster, a vegetable cooker, and a pizza stone. The ash tool is useful - I use it to stir the old charcoal before lighting to get the ash out of the firebox. If you get too much, it tends to plug the little holes and impairs draw making temp control harder than it needs to be. I do try to be cautious about getting too much charcoal in there (about 1 inch over the side holes of the firebox).

I light with one or two of those paraffin blocks that Weber sells. They light easily even in the wind.
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