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Originally Posted by BriEOD
Wow! Tim you have all the toys. Do I need a drip pan? Do you ever do roasts, etc? Also, how do you light your charcoal: electric starter or the fire starter sticks?

Thanks Dude!

I like to eat!

The cheapest way to light the fire is get one of those fake logs and just knock a small peice of it off and use it to get the fire started.

Place the small peice under some lump and arrange lump over the flame so it will burn.

Some guys us a MAPP torch but I don't have one so I don't use one.

I've had flames shooting out of the top 3 feet and the thermometer rolled past 750 all the way back around to 400 (good way to crack your firebox) to cook some 2" filets.

If you do crack your firebox, you'll hear it pop if you happen to be outside. No big deal, still works as advertised but it will need to be replaced eventually.
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