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Originally Posted by BriEOD
Sweet dude!!! I cannot wait. BTW, that thing ways a ton. My wife paid $36 to have the store she bought it from deliver it and assemble. Do you have any accessories? I have a pizza stone. Any good recipes?

Rub your steaks down with Plochmans mustard, season with sea salt/kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper......

don't worry the mustard will "disappear"

Get a plate setter, put the pizza stone on it, get a good recipe for pizza dough and do pizzas!

Pork shoulders are a good first cook for smoking, Check out the BGE webpage, under recipes look for Elder Wards Pulled Pork follow them to a T and you will not go wrong.

Other than a plate setter, I'd recommend getting a good V-rack (for ribs and turkeys)

I have a large and a mini, I'd like another Large.....

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