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Rod, Who said ND sucks?? I never said that, I used 2 words do describe their "cust service" bit/useless. You hear nothing but good things about their towers, and as mentioned I've recommeneded them many times (I believe even when you were looking for a tower for your 197). Could not find Zeroflex's # back when I was looking for a tower and still can't find it. That would be very very helpful It was real nice of 'Zeroflex' to allow ND to produce exact dups of their tower design.

SKI*MC, thanks! I'm sure it'll all work out. I checked the rest of the tower out last nite, all seems strong, hopefully it's just that one weld, and I can get it behind me quik Cya!

Ric, If you do run across that number, pls. PM me. Thanks!
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