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Originally Posted by Maristar210

If your dealer is relunctant to replace the tube follow Kalanic's advice and have it repaired in the method he describes. It should not cost much to have that done. This is common with overheating aluminum IMO.

Good luck - Steve
Thanks Steve, I've taken a lot of notes from this thread, and appreciate the expertise!!

Summer's are very short in NE, so I can't wait for the dealer and MC to make a decision (then wait for the part). If I can get the part from him that would be a major bonus in my eyes, but I'll still have the welding done asap if the guy can do it and seems like he know's what's he's doing. I understand by having the repair done I'll potentially risk losing out on a potentially free part from MC. Hopefully I'll know more in the AM. Thanks again and good nite, I'm out...

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