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who's unloading Dr? and who's mad? I'm not mad, I even used a smiley face. I said their customer support bit, which it did, and I said I would not recommend them, which I won't. That's unloading? pleeeze..... If they can't sell me a part, how can they help me? Yup sir, that there aluminum sure looks a lil thin at that weld and may need repairing have a nice day and look us up when you're in town,maybe we'll have a lemonaide?" The lady was frieking zero help..period. The tower part on their opening web page looks exactly/mysteriously like the part I need, and I was under the impression that ND has OEM built MC towers for some time, maybe I'm wrong. Been wrong before, but I thought ND was around in 02 when I was shopping for towers If I do need a tower part, where is MC gonna get it.... I believe the anwser is ND

I'm certainly not mad at MC or ZF in whatever order (chit happens). Emotion ain't gonna help solve this one Dr. I deal in facts/data. Right now I got a broken part I need a fixin', and I'm presently trying to throw cash at the problem to get my arse back on the water. It's a boat and I do expect it to break from time to time. Both my MC's have been very very good to me , and I'm still feeling the MC love , no matter how this works out... again no ND love here.....capiche
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