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Thanks again for the replies. ND said call MC, can't help ya bruther. I mentioned nothing about warrenty or 'free', all I asked was "how much for the part?" Zero help, and you will see no further ND plugs from me, I'll tell ya. I've been an advocate in the past due to the OEM look but no more. Not because of the failure of the part, as that stuff happens, but very poor customer support. That zipperhead lady could not wait to get me off the phone, and I'll remember that....for a long time. Back to the subj. Yes, I does looks thin at that crack, but feels strong overall, and I didn't ND build the orig for MC? I thought they did and can't understand how another could be thicker, unless they changed the design. Anyhoo, I removed that part from the boat, and will see a local welder in the AM. He knew exactly what a wakeboard tower was so that's a good start,. Have not heard back from MC, via dealer, so no choice right now but get her welded, and get on the water. Who's taking bets on how much MC wants for that part? I bet they want 400 bucks. Father-in-law helped me pull it off, was not impressed with the quality at all, and busted my balls some on the 'MC is best thing' He thinks after MC looks at the pics, I'll get a free one from them. Oh well, I'll follow up tomorrow, thanks again guys, appreciate the time you took to post!!
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