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Originally Posted by kalanic
Yes welding aluminum using GTAW (TIG) is like trying to control a puddle of water, not very fun. GMAW (MIG) gives you the wire control with variable speed & alot less heat. To weld aluminum successfully with GTAW you must use pure Tungsten & have the machine in AC. You should also be using a larger diameter Tungsten while in AC because of the higher heat required, around 1/16" or 1/8".
Well, my most recent attempt was to weld some 1/4 inch aluminum with a 1/8 inch rod at 180 amps ( max my welder will do ). I was using tungsten and AC. I can tell you that 180 amps won't work, but the first time I struck an arc, the violence of it scared me . I finally took it over to a pro (I think he said he used 260 amps). It took 10 minutes and cost me $15, which made me wonder why I even bothered to try to weld it myself...
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