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Originally Posted by bigmac
Excellent advice. I absolutely agree that this kind of repair needs to be done by someone who understands aluminum alloys and has a big TIG/GTAW welder. I'd definitely want the guy to patch it after reapproximating the crack and welding it.

The other thing I'd do is email New Dimension and send pictures before getting it fixed. IMHO, only the most severe abuse should allow a crack of that nature on a 4 year old tower. I think it's a mfgr defect and they should replace it.
Very good advice! I can tell you as a welder by trade & a Certified Weld Inspector from the American Weld Society that a repair like that will have to be done by a MIG machine or Oxy-Fuel Welding. GTAW (TIG) will not work because of the thickness of the aluminum. You will risk opening up the repair to much causing it to be much worse. It looks like a fairly simple repair. As Sporty stated, you will want to to add extra filler metal beyond the repair & possibly tie into the existing weld. Make sure your welded does a Liquid Penetrant Test (PT) on the repair & I would also request to Test the rest of your welds to verify there are no other stress cracks. Good Luck!
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